Problem & Opportunity

Music. Art. Healing.

There is an arts-education gap and that gap disproportionately impacts young people of color. Funding for school arts programs continue to decrease, and in schools where Black and Latinx youth make up the majority, many arts programs have been replaced by additional time in "core" classes. The arts have always had a significant and positive impact on youth development; supporting increased skills in core classes, empathy and stronger preparation for careers.


A mobile music studio establishes a moveable maker space and music arts classroom where youth can access equipment for recording, music therapy services, STEAM programming and much more. The mobility allows this programming to reach students all over the Inland Empire Region, especially those removed from suburban hubs. 


Music On Wheels

YMAN Mobile Studio provides pathways to self-agency and leadership through the arts for Inland Empire Youth. A full music studio and maker space, the mobile music van will house a number of music education and music therapy services for under-served youth populations. Programming that will include; STEM and music exploration through the use of synthesizers, Hip-Hop counseling and music therapy, training on studio equipment and software, and use of the studio to record their personal projects.  

Meet The Team


Gayle Weiston-Serdan

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Gayle is a well respected featured artist and educator. Her musical sound spans generations and she utilizes her music knowledge and experience to create world-class programming for young people.


Morgen Campbell

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Morgen is one of our youth employees. She's a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona where she is studying the business of music on a full-ride Jordan WINGS scholarship. 


Isabella Chavez

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Isabella is a YMAN alumnus and former scholarship winner. She currently oversees all of our programs and provides LGBTQ+ technical training assistance for organizations internationally.

We're Raising $500k With 3 Big Goals

Establish a mobile music arts center equipped with recording gear, software, instruments, microphones, and staff to manage and operate programming. 

Increase the number of youth served and impact reach of our music and STEAM programming through mobility. 

Increase youth access to various and accessible mental health, wellness, and music therapy and counseling services. 

Increase Inland Empire community arts engagement.

Unique Value Proposition

Since 2007, the Youth Mentoring Action Network has been engaged in youth-centric programming for under-resourced youth. We have been using music to provide youth with opportunities for self-expression, meaningful dialogue, STEM education, building leadership skills, and preparing for college and career. In the past four years, we’ve partnered with our local Apple store to provide over 100 youth with the opportunity to learn industry-level software, interact with artists and work on their own musical projects with the help and support of music mentors. That programming has grown exponentially and it’s time for us to provide more programming for more youth. 


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