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2020 Jordan WINGS Scholar Nominees Announced!

Our Jordan WINGS partnership allows us to nominate young people who can earn a four-year college scholarship.

The Wings Scholars Program at UNCF provides access to educational opportunities for underserved youth, enabling young people to achieve their greatness. In turn, this empowers teachers to help promising students plan and work towards their college dreams.

Last year, Morgen Campbell earned a full-ride scholarship and is now attending Cal Poly Pomona. This year, we've got an incredible line-up of contenders!

Future Graphic Designer and Architect

Cameron Adams holds so much promise. A high school senior this year who has also been nominated to Posse, wants to attend college to become a graphic designer and architect who builds sustainable buildings. She gives back too, she's a youth leader for YMAN, currently helping to lead our Black Girls Initiative.  

Future Environmental Lawyer

Sesha Hernandez-Real is a passionate environmental advocate who wants to ensure that "the earth is still livable when I'm in my 40's". A dedicated activist and critical thinker, this young woman is poised to become one of her generation's strongest leaders in the fight for environmental equity and justice. 

Future Engineer

Dahrien Trotter is a rare blend of science and artistry. She wants to pursue science in college so that she can create and innovate in much the same way that she does in her music. Also, an avid musician, Dahrien's work is in the tradition of master scientist and jazz musician, Herbie Hancock. She's a powerhouse. 

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