Problem & Opportunity

Healing. Health. Wellness.

There are large and consistent gaps in access to health and wellness nationally. Many of these gaps are due to persistent and structural barriers put up at every level of our society. Marginalized communities suffer from a lack of access to healthy foods, athletic clubs, spaces for meditation, and medical care.  

These indicators are indicative of a national trend when it comes to communities populated by Black, Latinx and low-income communities. Discriminatory practices, structural racism, unstable housing, and wealth and income are among the primary reasons for these poor health outcomes and indicators. 


Self-care is a radical act of survival for under-resourced and marginalized communities and communities of color in this country. 


Healthier Communities 

A partnership of community-serving organizations coming together to provide health, wellness, therapy, healing, and joy to marginalized communities and the people who serve them. We recognize that the importance of providing under-resourced communities with the tools they need to live long and healthy lives has become even more imperative. In addition to infusing opportunities for engaging in and learning about self-care, exercise, mental health and emotional wellness in our programs, we are partnering with local organizations and agencies to increase access to health and wellness services to under-served communities.

Furthermore, we have a special interest in working side-by-side with community leaders, activists, and change agents to ensure that they too, learn to take better care of themselves. Leaders must also learn to engage in radical rest and self-care. 

Meet The Team


Torie Weiston-Serdan

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Torie is a scholar and practitioner with over 13 years of teaching and youth programming experience. She is also author of an internationally renowned book called; Critical Mentoring: A Practical Guide. 


Nita Watson

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Nita is a mental health professional, USA certified boxing coach and fitness trainer with a goal to combine both physical and mental health.

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Jesus Sanchez

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Jesus is an educator and organizer who has worked closely with lawmakers, education officials, higher education leaders and teachers unions to implement critical programs, policies, and reforms to improve conditions for students, parents, and educators. 

We're Raising $1.5 Million With 3 Big Goals

Establish a wellness collaborative that includes a network of free health and wellness services provided to under-resourced youth and their communities.

Create trauma-informed programming and mentoring services for marginalized and under-resourced youth in the Inland Empire

Address the issue of racial trauma through culturally sustaining programming and community practice. 

Unique Value Proposition

Youth Mentoring Action Network, The Self Care Lab and Gente Organizada are three organizations working in new and innovative ways to sustain Inland Empire communities. The Youth Mentoring Action Network has a unique and critical approach to mentoring and youth development, utilizing culturally sustaining mentoring to support youth in their life endeavors. The Self Care Lab is an innovative approach to therapy. A "beyond the couch" concept, utilizes boxing and fitness to tackle anxiety, depression, and trauma. Gente Organizada has a dynamic and grassroots organizing approach to youth civic engagement and sustained community transformation. 

Each of these organizations is powerful independently, but together they are creating a collaborative network of services that can make for powerful and healthy change in Pomona, CA. 


With Us