The Youth Mentoring Action Network is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by two veteran educators who understood the importance of making solid connections with young people, they recognized that young people were at their best when their voices were heard and they felt fully supported.

Now, we carry on that work with a dream that there will be a world where young people are creating, thriving, and leading.

Our Freedom Assignment

Building youth power globally through mentoring, education, and wellness.

Our Freedom Dream

We envision a world where young people are creating, thriving, and leading.

Our Freedom Work

  • We amplify youth power.

  • We design and implement programs in collaboration with young people.

  • We hire, train, and develop young people professionally.

  • We build strong mentoring and multi-generational connections.

  • We provide a place and space for young people to pursue what's important to them.

  • We develop youth entrepreneurs.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Nothing about young people without young people

  • Young people possess both the power and the potential to be change agents in their schools and in their communities. 

  • Value youth labor. Pay them for their work. 

  • Community matters: build community, stay in community, transform the community. 

  • Critical mentoring and multi-generational connections matter

  • Healthy youth and leaders are thriving youth and leaders

  • Youth Power Building is necessary. Power-filled youth don’t get hired, they hire, engage, enlist other people, they are youth entrepreneurs and movement leaders.

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