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About Our

The Youth Mentoring Action Network is a youth power-building organization facilitating transformative mentoring, education, and wellness opportunities with young people across the globe. 



The Youth Mentoring Action Network prioritizes the development of strong, passionate young leaders who will have the knowledge, experience, and resources to create change at every level of society. Our work is truly youth-centered, not tangential, not supplemental, not some of the time. We ALWAYS center young people in our work.

We Have 3 Super Powers

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1st Super Power

Our work is truly youth-centered. Not tangential, not supplemental, not some of the time. We ALWAYS center youth in our programs. In fact, young people serve on our board, they work for us and they are always designing and leading our programs in some way, shape, or form. And, we always value the labor young people do by paying them to do it

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2nd Super Power

We curate transformative spaces. We lean into designing really amazing and really powerful, spaces focused on ensuring that youth, BIPOC folks, and Queer folks are heard and can fully stand in their power. We center them, make sure they are valued and respected and that makes all of the difference in curating learning spaces.

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3rd Super Power

Our work takes a critical and liberatory approach. We are intentional and that ensures we are an organization that does work meant to inspire freedom dreams, live out liberatory and abolitionist principles, and ensure that BIPOC folks are served fully and with dignity, that they are engaged in doing their own work and that we stay in community, build community and transform community.


Youth Artist's Collective

Black Girls (EM) Power

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Youth Wellness Collaborative

I.E. Youth Power

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YMAN has played such an important role in my life to where it influenced and inspired me to stay connected and give back to my community.

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