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Our Programs

The OutLoud Archives

A carefully curated set of programs designed to help young artists thrive and prosper as they delve deeper into their art as creatives. We provide them with hands-on learning opportunities to improve their craft, and support young artists by compensating them for their creative contributions. In addition, we teach youth creatives entrepreneurial skills so that they learn to earn capital for their art and build businesses around their artistry. We also archive every artist project created at The Youth Power Hub to house a library of youth art. 


Black Girls (EM) Power

During a youth focus group in 2019, participants spoke candidly about how YMAN-sponsored activities for Black girls and young women had made a profound difference for them in terms of increased access to resources and the development of a community-based support system. With their guidance and support, YMAN launched Black Girls (EM)Power (BGE), a leadership development initiative where young Black women meet, build skills and knowledge, and amplify their collective voice and power. 


Youth Wellness Collaborative

Promotes exercise, mindfulness, life-skills building, and self-empowerment for racialized youth ages 12-25, through partnerships with a community garden, community boxing gym, a youth advocacy organization, therapists, and others.

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IE Youth Power

A region wide-infrastructure that supports the development of young people, both as coalition members and as individual organizers through advanced training and leadership opportunities. These efforts are envisioned as a means of better preparing and empowering young people to become community leaders, as well as promoting long-term systemic improvements at the local and regional levels.

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SEL Day Trips

A space for schools to bring young people for a day of wellness and social-emotional learning. 


Leadership Retreats

We host youth leadership retreats with the purpose of powering and resourcing the next generation of change-makers. 

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